Contour Casings is a trusted aluminium coping supplier in the UK. We handle the design, manufacture and installation of aluminium coping systems, for a cost-effective finish.

Aluminium is a durable, versatile choice. Our copings can be tailored to individual specifications, complementing the architectural style of your building while increasing its functionality.

The Contour Parapet Wall Coping System is a pioneering solution, delivering a robust and highly-aesthetic finish to every conceivable wall or parapet.

This wall coping solution includes an array of innovative features which combine a superior finish with exceptional weather-sealing performance.

Aluminium parapet copings offer additional protection to your walls and parapets. Designed to throw water off the roof, it prevents erosion and water damage to your walls and the foundations of your structure.

Aluminium coping systems offer unparalleled protection, while still lightweight and easy to install.

Independently Tested To Over 400mph

Contour parapet wall coping is independently windspeed tested and certified by materials specialists Ceram, exceling in even the most demanding of environments.

Weather-Sealing Gasket

The weather-sealing gasket on Contour’s extruded fixing bracket eliminates the possibility of water ingress into the substrate or render beneath, protecting warranties, owners and contractors.

Standard & Bespoke Ranges

A vast range of standard sizes, shapes and profiles is available, or equally, Contour’s in-house design and manufacturing teams can deliver a bespoke solution to your precise requirements.

Corrosion Resistance

Contour wall coping is a complete Aluminium system, this removes the potential for bi-metal interaction and rusting.

“Secret” Clip-Fix System

The ‘Clip-on’ design reduces installation time, costs and disruption, while delivering a seamless and fixing-free finish.

Anti-Rattle Pads

Neoprene sealing pads on all wall coping brackets
removes the opportunity for wind-rattle, ensuring building occupants have a quieter life.

Lightweight Construction

A complete Aluminium construction decreases the stress on the substrate while maintaining tensile strength

30 Year Paintwork Guarantee Available

Syntha Pulvin finish is offered on Contour wall coping profiles, ensuring a warranty of 30 years (terms & conditions apply).

Nationwide Installation Service

Contour Casings provide an approved and accredited nationwide installation service where required across all products.

Technical Literature

Complete technical literature, O&M manuals and fixing instructions can be downloaded from the resource centre, here.

N.B. For copings up to 600mm wide brackets should be fixed at a maximum of 1500mm centres. For copings above 600mm in width, brackets should be fixed at a maximum of 1000mm centres. Above widths of 1000mm brackets should be fixed at 750mm centres.