As a key part of the Low Surface Temperature (LST) heating offer, Contour has developed a specialist range of LST guards and radiators for use in environments where an additional attention to design detail is required to ensure the safety of vulnerable people. In mental health facilities reducing the potential for ligature points is of paramount importance. According to the Office for National Statistics, 2011, of the 4,907 deaths registered in England and Wales caused by self harm and undetermined intent, 51.7% were as a result of hanging and suffocation. In addition many times more people make the attempt at suicide than actually succeed.

As death from hanging can often occur when an individual is not fully suspended, the inspection of psychiatric wards and unit for potential ligature points should focus on fixtures and fittings at all heights. The grilles and external Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) in LST radiators pose particular danger. Ligature points on Contour’s anti-ligature LST radiator ranges have therefore been identified and addressed. Anti-ligature measures on our LST radiator solutions, include:

  • Secure anti-ligature mesh fitted behind all grilles – decreasing the risk of the main grille being used as a ligature point
  • An anti-ligature TRV shroud has been developed – making it far more difficult to attach ligatures
  • A wide range of security fixings and fasteners are available – designed to stop unauthorised personnel gaining access to inside the casing
  • Internal fixings are used – preventing unauthorised removal or tampering of the casing

A separate range of products for other anti-ligature applications, such as ceiling grilles, has also been developed by Contour. Please contact us for more information on these items.

BioCote® protection – Exclusive to Contour

Uniquely amongst LST guard manufacturers, Contour incorporates BioCote® anti-microbial protection into the paintwork of all our LST radiator guards as standard. This technology provides effective and permanent protection to the surface of the LST radiator guard, preventing the growth of harmful mirobes such as bacteria and fungi. BioCote technology protects product surfaces from microbes, helping in the fight against the spread of infection.

Building and Manufacturing Solutions

Contour’s 32,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility means that we can effectively tackle virtually any design and fabrication project, off-site thereby ensuring minimum disruption to patient care. Our convenient Midlands location provides easy access to the UKs motorway network and fast transportation to all parts of the Country.

Noise and vibration control is  another important design consideration when undertaking the refurbishment of healthcare estates particularly in sensitive patient treatment and accommodation areas. Contour understands these considerations and will work with clients and other channel partners to ensure adherence to best practice and the comfort and convenience of patients.

The healthcare sector is committed to procuring and operating buildings of sustainable design, which places particular environmental requirements on many schemes. We understand these requirements and actively work with our clients and other channel partners to reduce, re-use and recycle our manufacturing materials and resources wherever possible.